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Business leader. Faithful wife and mother. Christian mentor.

Like you, I am many things to many people. 

I am a mom, daughter, wife, coach, teacher, friend, business owner, author…

When life gets busy, I often find myself seeking success and fulfillment in how well I perform in these roles. 

Can you relate?

In these moments, we need to remind ourselves success is so much more than getting that next promotion or defending a dissertation. Success happens when we live authentic, spiritually healthy lives at home, work, school, and beyond.

Is Climbing the Corporate Ladder Leaving You Unfulfilled?

I’ve been there

As a child, my mother told me she hoped I would have a more successful career than her. So, I spent over 20 years working my way up the corporate ladder, earning more money and better titles. 

Though outwardly I was experiencing the “success” my mother wanted for me, inwardly, I knew something was wrong. My spiritual needs weren’t being met, which left me feeling empty and unfulfilled.

During this process, I realized how important it is for leaders to care for the whole person—heart, body, mind, and soul. Now, I teach biblical leadership, compassion, and inclusion to corporate leaders, while encouraging Christians to live bold, authentic lives everywhere they go.

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I believe that we do our best work and make the biggest impact on those around us when are allowed to be our authentic selves, which includes sharing and expressing our religious beliefs. My approach centers on encouraging leaders (and followers) to value the whole person:
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While the heart performs an important biological function, it is also the pathway to our souls. When our heart is full of love – others will notice. I pray that we have a heart that is clean, pure, and prepared to love and serve the Lord.
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The human body is amazing and carefully designed. However, many of us take our bodies for granted and abuse them by the way we live. Instead, I challenge you to view your body as a beautiful masterpiece and care for it as though you are caring for the Lord’s property.
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Mental health has become an increasingly important topic in our culture. However, we need to acknowledge God as the ultimate healer and director of our lives. True mental health first requires a saving relationship with Jesus.
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God created human beings with a spirit and a soul so that we can receive Him and fellowship with Him. Our home on earth is temporary, but our life in heaven or hell is forever. As believers in Christ, when our earthly body returns to dust, our spirit returns to God in heaven (Ecclesiastes 12:7).

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You become a new disciple when you believe in Christ’s work on the cross and trust Him for salvation. Over time, you should experience spiritual growth as you accept your new identity in Christ and begin to serve others. The Discipleship Pathway Quiz will help identify areas for further growth.
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I’m excited to announce that my first standalone book Jesus Come Revive America: Forgive Us for We Have Sinned, is now available through Archway Publishing. I’m also published in several anthologies on biblical leadership, workplace spirituality, and more.

Jesus Come Revive America

By Dr. Debra Dean

From Amazon: “Jesus Come Revive America answers the question, “Where are all the Christians” and moves beyond the apparent decline of morality in the country to a call of action for Christians to emerge with boldness, courage, and prayer for awakening. The author also emphasizes that the most important decision a person will make in their entire life is to follow Jesus. That one decision determines their future. That one decision will determine if they spend eternity in heaven or in hell.”

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I provide keynote addresses, corporate training, and one-on-one mentorship to help Christians transform the culture in their schools, workplaces, and the world. If you’d like to learn more about living authentically in a world that doesn’t accept you, email me. I’d love to connect with you and offer some encouragement.

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