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As Christians, we desperately need a strong community to encourage us when we feel excluded or alone. So let me be a part of your community and share some words that you’ve been needing to hear:

You’re not alone.

You are enough.

You have the strength and courage to live out your faith in the face of persecution.

I’d love to give you the tools and strategies to boldly live out your faith wherever you are, whether through a one-time speaking engagement or ongoing mentorship.

So, let’s grab coffee (virtually) and chat about your spiritual needs.

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Looking for more encouragement?

If you’re wondering “Where have all the Christians gone?,” this book is for you. 

I provide practical advice on living out your faith in today’s world while providing biblical and historical context for the next Great Awakening. Explore the lives of heroes of the faith, such as Paul, Esther, and Gideon, as you learn to live a holy lifestyle filled with zeal for God. 

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