Feel Empowered in Your Faith

Coaching, speaking, and training with Dr. Debra Dean

Have your beliefs ever been discarded or belittled in the workplace? 

Have you ever felt afraid to share your faith because you could lose your job?

You’re not alone. 

Christians all over the U.S. struggle with leaders and corporate agendas that encourage them to leave their religious beliefs at home. 

I believe, however, that we can transform the culture by integrating our faith into every aspect of our lives, including work. Let’s live life with an eternal focus, starting now.

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Become a Courageous Christian Leader

Live boldly and faithfully

Do you wish you could…

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Meet your professional goals without compromising your faith?

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Make your workplace more inclusive of all religious beliefs?

Learn how to nourish your employees' hearts, minds, and souls?

I’m here to tell you that all of these things are possible. As an expert with integrating faith into the workplace and whole life discipleship, I’d love to give you the tools to succeed, both professionally and spiritually.

Christian Leadership Speaker

The heart of leadership

Biblical leadership is HARD. It takes courage, humility, and a willingness to talk about tough issues that we’d rather avoid. Let me inspire you to lead fearlessly with a keynote address that takes a spiritual approach to people, profits, and the planet. 

Popular topics include: 

  • Addressing the Issues of our Culture from a Biblical Perspective: If We Are Not Talking About It, The World Will Frame the Issues For Us
  • Character Development: Develop a Moral Compass That Precedes Your Reputation
  • Christian Leadership to Change the World: How to Lead with Christian Virtues
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Using Respectful Pluralism to Encourage Civility and Unity While Embracing Differences
  • Followership: Why Do We Spend So Much Time Talking About Being a Leader When Every One of Us Is a Follower?
  • How to Love Your People: Nourishing Souls at Work
  • Political Correctness: A Deep Dive into Critical Theory
  • Women in Leadership: Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling While Remaining Modest, Humble, and Classy

starting at $5,000

Corporate Training Services

Tools for employee success

Are you tired of holding corporate training only to have your employees return to business as usual the next day? 

I create hands-on training programs with easy-to-apply tools and techniques that your employees will be excited to implement. My background in organizational leadership equips me to create customized programs on almost any topic, including online training modules for remote learners.

So, what challenges are your employees facing?

starting at $800 for 4 hours

Success Coaching

Let’s meet your goals!

Do you need some extra support to meet your next big milestone? 

Whether you’re defending your dissertation or want to excel in a new career position, I can help you take small, manageable steps toward meeting that goal. I will provide encouragement and practical strategies to help you succeed with less wasted time and frustration. 

As your coach, I will focus on your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being while working toward your desired outcome.

starting at $1200 for 4 sessions



If you’d like to learn more about integrating your faith in every area of life, explore my published works. In addition to my standalone book, Jesus Come Revive America: Forgive Us for We Have Sinned, I have also been published in anthologies on leadership and faith in the workplace.

His kingdom matters

His Kingdom Matters is an online community for believers who want to live boldly in the face of persecution. Your subscription includes:

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Get inspired to make a change

I am passionate about helping people live out their faith in the corporate world, so if you’re feeling discouraged, confused, or like your faith is being dismissed, reach out to me today. I’d love to connect with you one-on-one or discuss a speaking engagement if you know others who are feeling the same way. Don’t leave your faith at the door. Your full, authentic self is welcome here.

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