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As Christians, we’re often told to leave our faith at the door – that we shouldn’t talk about religion at work or at school.

We’re told that tolerance means ignoring our differences and keeping our opinions to ourselves.

I’ve been there.

But what if I told you there’s a way to live authentically in every area of your life? To bring your faith to work rather than leaving it at the door. To respect and celebrate our differences so we can live boldly and compassionately.

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When we are harassed or shut down by our coworkers for expressing our beliefs, it’s easy to withdraw and become discouraged. We are not called to a spirit of fear, however, but of power and of love and of sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

Are you looking to be emboldened in your faith? Here’s how I can help:

  • Guidance and support from believers just like you through the His Kingdom Matters online community
  • One-on-one mentoring to help you achieve your next career or educational milestone while staying true to your beliefs
  • Inspirational speaking for ministries and workplaces who want to encourage a faith-filled culture

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When I was told that a lunchtime prayer group was not part of my company’s agenda, I wish I had someone to take me by the hand and show me the next step.

Now, I can offer practical advice and spiritual wisdom to others who feel the same way.

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Keynote Speaking

Get inspired to live out your faith at work, home, and school. Popular speaking topics include biblical leadership, diversity, and how to talk about difficult issues in the workplace.
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success coaching

My coaching services are rooted in loving God and loving others. I will help you meet your career or personal goals, while ensuring you always feel nurtured and cared for.
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corporate training

Are you trying to change your company culture? I use my Ph.D in Organizational Leadership to create engaging, practical trainings that your employees can actually apply.


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about dr. debra dean

Let me invest in your spiritual success

My identity is first and foremost in Christ. I never felt truly successful when I was climbing the corporate ladder. Now, I measure my success and fulfillment by how well I follow God and care for those around me in my role as a wife, mother, daughter, teacher, and yes… even as a business leader.

I have extensive experience in Corporate America and university-level teaching. I was recognized as a 2020 Woman of Influence by The Colorado Springs Business Journal and the Most Influential Business Consultancy CEO (USA) by the 2020 Global CEO Excellence Awards. While my achievements have earned me a place in various prestigious listings, I am humbled that God has called me to speak out about being unashamedly Christian.

I was nominated as a top operational excellence leader at OPEX Week Business Transformation World Summit 2019 and recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Reviewer award for the Management, Spirituality, and Religion (MSR) community, My research has driven employee engagement to new heights in multinational organizations. So, when I am asked by scholars and practitioners if it works (bringing God to work)… I answer with a resounding YES!

Born and raised in Kentucky, I have also lived in Iowa and Colorado. I have experienced, firsthand, how faith is not always accepted nor invited. In fact, I have seen that being a Christian is not welcomed as part of diversity, equity, and inclusion as it should be. Join me in being unapologetically Christian at home, at work, and at school.

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His Kingdom Matters

When you join the His Kingdom Matters online community, you get access to highly-relevant teaching, monthly prayer guides, live coaching, and a community of believers who understand what you’re going through.


I charge $250/hour for coaching or you can purchase a package for a discounted rate on individual sessions. Costs for speaking and training vary based on the size and location of your event, so please fill out my contact form for more information.

My standalone book Jesus Come Revive America: Forgive Us for We Have Sinned is now available on Amazon. I appreciate your support and hope you will be encouraged to live boldly in your faith.



A few of my favorite topics to speak on include: 

  • Addressing the Issues of our Culture from a Biblical Perspective: If We Are Not Talking About It, The World Will Frame the Issues For Us
  • Christian Leadership to Change the World: How to Lead with Christian Virtues
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Using Respectful Pluralism to Encourage Civility and Unity While Embracing Differences
  • Women in Leadership: Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling While Remaining Modest, Humble, and Classy
I believe that an effective leader nurtures the whole person, which includes the body, mind, heart, and soul. My signature system encourages your to treat yourself and others with compassion and respect as you become the leader that God intended.

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As Christians, we are told to expect suffering and persecution. We can’t change how people react to our faith, but we can be prepared to live courageously and authentically regardless of the consequences. If you need practical guidance and support as you learn to be a strong Christian leader, I’d love to walk beside you.

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